Venus Flytrap



A hustler.

Her pimp.

A john.

A stranger.

A bloody night’s encounters…

Cast & Crew


Jasmin Rischar

Yusuke Yamasaki

Christoph von Friedl

Thomas Wenke

Sebastian Fischer


Director Tim Dünschede

Screenplay Henning Pulß & Tim Dünschede

Director of Photography Holger Jungnickel

Editor Daniela Hölzgen (BFS)

Production Design Verena Barros de Oliveira

Score KILLERPILZE (Johannes Halbig, Fabian Halbig & Maximilian Schlichter)

On Set Recording Annika Sehn, Viktor Schimpf & Florian Seufert

Sound Mix Florian Schneeweiß

Sound Design Moritz Drath & Claudio Demel

Color Grading Stephan Kuch

Production Management Fabian Halbig

Costume Luise Siever

Make-Up Caterina Veronesi & Steffen Roßmanith

VFX Reinhard Preissner, Christoph Schröer & Bernd Hildebrandt

SFX / Stunt / SFX-Make-Up Pitt Rotter / Mac Steinmeier / Birger Laube

Producers Fabian Halbig & Florian Kamhuber

Production Company NORDPOLARIS & HFF München

AWARDS & Director's Note

– official selection TOP3 SHOCKING SHORTS AWARDS 2015 (13th Street), screening @ FILMFEST MUNICH 2015


Venusfliegenfalle. It’s genre!

From the beginning this short film has been a genuine trip into real genre cinema for all departments. Autor, director, cinematographer and producers came together already as the book was written and tried to approach unknown terrain.

Together they delivered this 23-minute thiller (with slight horror elements) which aims at nothing more than taking the audience into another world…