A Certain Person



“In the beginning there was only one human with all genders, it was perfect.”

Imagine a world in which the categories woman and man no longer exist and identity is an individual matter. Sexes and gender are reinvented and freely combined. The Film travels through a night in this utopian reality, encountering androgynous people, some are elusive, others stay longer. The situation is permanently changing: parties, catwalks, shootings, work, foreign beds. There is a singer, an elephant keeper, a model, a storyteller, a small child – no one can be classified, everyone is different. An observation of a society that accepts all beings regardless of their biology.

Cast & Crew


Carla Sehn

Bridge Markland

Georgette Dee

Hedi Mohr

Kim Kleene

Riccardo Simonetti

Blake Palmer

Chino Garzaro

Christian Wagner

Clarissa Sehn

Georg Klingbeil

Hannes Reichl

Jason Gehrke

Johannes Pfütze

Julia Fuhr Mann

Laura Maria Marsueschke

Nele Kayenberg

Pablo Brioult

Stef Manzini


Directors & Screenplay Annika Sehn, Viktor Schimpf

DoP Laura Kansy

Edit Nina Errgang

Score Sam Penderbayne

Sound Annika Sehn, Viktor Schimpf

Sound Mix Gerhard Auer

Color Grading Nicholas Coleman

Line Producer Ferdinand Freising

Production Company NORDPOLARIS & HFF München

Producers Florian Kamhuber & Fabian Halbig