STILL YOUNG shows the uprising, fall and comeback of the previously youngest teenie- punk band of Germany. KILLERPILZE (“Killer mushrooms”)– a band name as unusual as the history of the band itself. Although the three musicians „Jo“Halbig (27, vocals/guitar), his brother Fabian „Fabi“ Halbig (24, drums) and Maximilian „Mäx“ Schlichter (28, vocals/guitar) do just have a median age of 26, they have already been playing together in a rock band for fifteen years. The course of their career is extraordinary: In 2002 the band was founded as a classical school band somewhere in the Bavarian province. The rise of the band is so meteoric, the music so catchy, that one of Germany´s major labels Universal Music contracts the musicians in 2006. The following years are a success story: Sold out concerts, awards, public attention. But appearances are deceiving: 2009 Universal Music cancels the contract due to the „current market situation“. The band is at risk of becoming irrelevant in public perception. In most cases, the story would have come to an end at that point. But despite years of self doubt, blows and setbacks, the KILLERPILZE do continue. As the first German music band with a „teenie-past“ they found their own label killerpilzerecords and work hard to be recognized as musicians. STILL YOUNG tries to understand the psyche of a band and its members, who grew up in public and developed their own unique way. The documentary accompanies the band on their stony path back to the big stages of the world with their self- appointed goal to become the “biggest rock band of Germany”.


Cast & Crew


Johannes Halbig

Fabian Halbig

Maximilian Schlichter

Andreas Schlagenhaft

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf

Jennifer Rostock

Felix Brummer

Michael ‘Curse’ Kurth

Alexander Gernandt



Directors David Schlichter & Fabian Halbig

DoP David Schlichter

Editor David Schlichter

Animation Andreas Zimmer / fizzymint

Mixing & Sound Design Moritz Drath

Digital Colorist Markus Baburske

Score Maximilian Schlichter, Johannes & Fabian Halbig

Producers Fabian Halbig & Florian Kamhuber